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Limerick Data Catalog

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development plan

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local area plan

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County development plan 2010

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City development plan 2010

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Newcastle West

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existing cycle routes

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proposed pedestrian routes

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proposed cycle routes

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CityxChange Data

CityxChange brings the two aspiring Lighthouse Cities Trondheim (NO) and Limerick (IE) together with their distinguished Follower Cities Alba Iulia (RO), Pisek (CZ), V├Áru (EST), Smolyan (BG) and Sestao (ES), to underline their ambition to achieve sustainable urban ecosystems that have zero emissions and establish a 100% renewable energy city-region by 2050. Search for data from this project on the Limerick Data Catalog.

Limerick Data Catalog

Limerick Data Catalog is the place to find important data for Limerick City and County. These publicly available datasets are provided for use by everyone - academics, citizens, business, researchers, journalists.